Education is the key and knowledge is the portal through which we enter into a world where each project helps to heal the planet just a little bit more.


In response to ever-changing environmental conditions and wide-ranging demand from the public for conservation of energy, our mission is to be a leader in exploration of affordable sustainable solutions to the built environment.


We take a holistic approach by looking at the large-scale environmental issues first before drilling down to the particular site and its unique potential for innovative solutions. We look for the perfect balance of parameters that, taken together, make each project the most sustainable it can be within the scope of the defined budget.

A SIMPLE strategy:

Provide all the information possible to the owner to facilitate the selection and the perfect balance of components, to address all factors impacting the sustainability of each project, in its unique context.


Drawing from our experience delivering sustainable services for large-scale residential community projects to facilitating platinum LEED certification for infill projects of all sizes, we have the know-how to do the same for your project. We understand the process, and can creatively explore solutions appropriate for any project physical or financial constraints.

We stay informed about the latest industry innovations and actively participate in the exploration of new solutions that will keep us at the forefront of the green movement – providing our clients with the highest level of optimization on a consistent basis.

Sometimes having a LEED accredited professional on your team is just not quite enough. Since we have completed numerous projects of our own, we know how to navigate through all the information and documentation processes that might seem a bit overwhelming – and we have unique insight into which strategies work and which do not.