BSB Design is driven first and foremost by our commitment to creating great neighborhoods of all sizes and types. This is exemplified by the fact that our planning teams are led by landscape architects who are trained and experienced in considering the livability of the neighborhoods they design.

To achieve a unified community feel, our seamless design process blends marketing intent, planning themes, neighborhood concepts and architectural styles. We have vast experience in the planning and design of all types of environments from residential and mixed-use master planning to golf course and resort communities to parcel planning for single and multifamily neighborhoods.

When laying out a new community, our philosophy is based upon identifying and incorporating the unique natural attributes of the site to act as a central unifying element that can link the neighborhoods. Every site has a unique history and story to tell that can become an authentic design theme for key elements of the community, from entry monumentation to architectural theming and focal amenity areas that create the heart of every community.