We take the guess work out of building. Don’t start another house without a BOM and without BSB – your total product partner.

By combining nearly 50 years of national architectural experience with over 30 years of national builder experience, our Estimating Services Group has perfected the Material Take Off (MTO) process to consistently deliver a Bill of Materials (BOM) that is on target.

An Accurate BOM with BSB Design will…

    1. Bring product design to market in less time
    2. Result in an average cost savings of up to 10%
    3. Pay for itself on the first build
    4. Provide a competitive advantage from the start

Our mission is to be the total product partner you rely on for product information to make better decisions, control product cost and to enhance profitability.

The management and sustainability of product cost from design through to delivery is at its most crucial point today. BSB Design added estimating services in 2009 to complement our array of product services and to address the ever-increasing needs of our clients for better cost visibility and control.

From supporting ongoing estimating to handling incremental needs during overload conditions, we help our clients avoid adding unnecessary fixed overhead – so they can remain lean.