Our philosophy revolves around the conception of lifestyle-oriented structures and developments featuring architectural merit that reflect the preferences of end users.

Besides great design, we are a builders architect

Why any other firm? BSB Design is a full-service architecture and design firm that works to inspire the best use of new construction homes, multifamily spaces, commercial buildings and residential or mixed use communities.

We earned a reputation in the industry for being a builders architect by designing exceptional architecture for builders since 1966. For us, product design is more than an exercise – we treat it as a ‘Return on Investment’ strategy for our clients, developed through our rigorous design process. Our objective is to eliminate the white space that distracts builders from their ultimate goal and to reinforce their maximum deliverable desired.

We understand the builders’ business better than any other design firm – it’s part of our DNA.

A Trusted Partner for More than Design
Whether it’s production homes, multifamily communities, high rise condos, commercial buildings, mixed-use neighborhoods or recreational facilities, our philosophy doesn’t change. It’s quite simple—our foundation is built on trust and partnering with you.