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Drumroll, Please…

Celebrating our 50th anniversary last year reminded us that staying new, fresh and current as a firm is essential. Building on our strong foundation and continually remaking our firm to reflect the times in which we live has led us to growth and success. The BSB Design of the future needs a visual brand that is representative of the new and exciting things to come. So, with that in mind, we are pleased to reveal the new look of BSB Design!


With the launch of a new website in 2015, our previous logo mark – which served us well for nearly a decade – definitely looked dated next to the strong visual elements and colors of the website.  We spent more than a year sketching, redlining and developing numerous iterations of our mark to create the much more refreshing and contemporary logo that harmonizes with our website and remains true to the core values and mission of BSB Design.

The Story

A company’s brand goes beyond just a logo but that is definitely at the forefront and is the most recognizable part of any brand. Though it may at first glance appear to be just a mark, there is much more thought behind the individual pieces creating the overall image. In the BSB Design logo, the arc represents the curve of the earth and refers to our deep roots and solid foundation, as well as our global enthusiasm for the future. The linear element above the arc refers to physical structures rising into the sky – and may also be interpreted as window patterns in a single structure. This reaching element represents BSB Design’s upward vision and positive nature and the multiple lines relate to BSB’s market sector diversification and the services we provide to clients. The logotype anchoring the logo provides a strong foundation and stability for the entire mark. The updated colors and fonts reflect the contemporary and cutting-edge design of our website while customizing the sans serif font to fit the proportions of the logo creates a clean and modern sensibility.  Overall, the new mark’s nearly square proportions and individual elements work together to create a logo mark that is much more bold and prominent.

showing old BSB Design logo next to new BSB Logo with an arrow between them

Our goal with this rebranding is to effectively communicate our modern design sensibilities. By refreshing elements and themes of the previous logo, we have a mark that accurately depicts the current mindset of BSB Design. Over the coming years, we will grow as a company, delivering even better results and creating unimaginable things. The new logo is the graphic representation of the future for BSB Design, our clients and our team.