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‘Collaboration and Efficiency’ Make BSB Design Uniquely Poised for Post-Recession Growth

FMI Corporation reported in their annual ‘U.S. Markets Construction Overview’, “As client expectations grow, firms will be forced to adjust by continuing to improve effectiveness and gain more efficiency. Long-term changes in how projects are designed and delivered continue to move forward and require not only advanced technological skills but also collaborative behavioral changes.”

zweigwhite2015_iconIn September, we happily reported our position as the 19th fastest-growing firm on Zweig Group’s ‘2015 Hot Firm List’. The list recognizes the 100 fastest-growing architecture, engineering, planning and environmental consulting firms in the United States and Canada.

Making the list means BSB Design has outperformed the economy and competitors in the industry – only a handful of architecture firms were among the top 20.

But generally we don’t spend much time THINKING about how we’ve consistently made the ‘Hot List’ over the past few years or how we were able to weather the recession and bounce back post-recession so quickly. We just DO what we’ve always done:

We engage our clients fully in design using a highly-effective, ten-step process and whenever possible in our fast-paced, collaborative, charette session conducted at their location.

Founder and great listener, Jack Bloodgood - 1972.

Founder and great listener, Jack Bloodgood – 1972.

Our most unique value proposition in the marketplace has always been a strong desire to partner with our clients in the design process. In our mind great results can only be achieved when we ‘check our egos at the door’ so we’re able to effectively listen.

Through collaboration, we’ve been able to consistently produce highly efficient, aesthetically pleasing, very buildable, and highly-sellable designs. This is our definition of great results.

Without the need to re-focus our efforts to gain more efficiency or to implement collaborative behavioral changes just to compete – since these have always been core to our business – we’re uniquely poised to lead the market and help our clients grow in today’s environment.