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What Inspires You: Ed Binkley

“Perhaps my biggest inspiration, as an architect/designer, comes from my ears, eyes and experiences. I listen, read, look at photos, explore and have collaborated with many creatives through the years.” I seek the opportunity to design places where people choose to go…to live…to love…to celebrate…and to also, unfortunately, grieve. A person’s home contributes greatly to…

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What Inspires You: Mark Mitchell

There are many experiences along the way that has made the difference. Though these impactful moments may have been fleeting or elongated, it is a thirst for connection to the people, time and space around me that drives my inspiration. It also tends to frequently make me late and keeps me perpetually seeking out a…

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What Inspires You: Doug Wirth

“For me, design is not something that is intellectual; it’s much more of a spontaneous act.” I never think of myself as being particularly inspired… certainly not by any specific influences. My approach to design is mostly just to “Let It Happen”. Every project has at least some parameters (style, scope, type, scale) laid out…

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What Inspires You: Michael Crocker

I’m influenced by both past and present residential architectural design. It’s inspiring to go down the street of an established older neighborhood bursting with diverse architectural styles. There’s a reason they still feel good today. It’s also stirring to study modern high design homes with the latest design trends and technologies. I’m amazed at the…

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What Inspires You: Andy Penrose

Although I’ve learned through the years about the major architects and their individual styles, I find my inspiration to be less human derived and more compositional, natural and organic. Since my major field of study was art and not an architecture, my sources of inspiration might be somewhat different than most Designers. As an artist…

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What Inspires You: Jeremy White

Ultimately, what inspires me is right-brained creations with left-brained simplicity and imagination. Design Influences are pretty loose for me as I really believe that inspiration can and should come from anything or anyone at any time. Historically, the few individuals that come to mind when looking for some kind of design/artistic push are the following:…

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Introducing Volume 7 of Inspire Magazine!

We are excited to announce the release of Volume 7 of BSB Design’s Inspire magazine – including an interactive digital version! The digital format we tested last year was very well received and this year it’s even more robust. For 2017 we’ve showcased more projects and more bonus content to inspire you in both the…

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