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Benefits of a Preliminary Zoning Analysis

Our clients continue to tell us that permitting and approvals processes are getting slower, regardless of region or municipality. Many of the new developments breaking ground this year were first submitted for review up to two years ago. Since time is money, developers should use preliminary zoning analyses to help speed things up. One of…

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Make the Most of Mergers & Acquisitions

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, here’s a news flash. Home building companies are consolidating. In fact, M&A activity in the home building industry has occurred at a frenetic pace in recent years and shows no signs of letting up. The growth prospects and investment strategies that lead to…

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Strong Sales Start at The Street

A buyer could absolutely love a home and its floor plan, but if the streetscape isn’t appealing, they simply won’t purchase it. Allocating time and money to developing an amzing streetscape will add value to the community and increase sales. Color At first glance, color is the most noticeable element of a home. It greatly…

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Overcoming Lot Size Roadblocks

Smaller lot sizes have become the norm in many growing communities. But these lot sizes can become a potential roadblock during architectural design. When designing plans that are sometimes as narrow as 20 feet wide, architects are challenged to make sure the homes don’t feel cramped. Throughout the entire process, remaining conscious of common narrow-lot…

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Balancing High Design with Lower Costs

Multifamily projects are sometimes scaled down from their original designs. As costs increase, more and more design features run the risk of being eliminated. Enhanced detailing on a rent-only property doesn’t seem to generate any proven ROI, so what’s the point? Design is in our name; it’s just what we do. So when we have the…

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Student Housing: Current Market

Last week we attended the NMHC Student Housing Conference in Huntington Beach, CA. This sparked our review of the current student housing market climate and where the trends are heading as 2018 nears its end. Continuing Rise in Enrollment Enrollment in secondary education continues to rise on many campuses nationwide, with high school graduates attending college at…

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Townhomes on The Rise

Imagine: The American Dream. What are you picturing: A white picket fence, beautiful large windows with window boxes, corbel detailing, 3-car attached front load garage? Maybe not anymore…Townhomes are on the rise for two specific market segments: younger Baby Boomers and Millennials. At first glance, it’s odd to think Boomers and Millennials could have anything…

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2018 DSM Home Show Trends

If you missed this year’s Des Moines Home Show, don’t fear! We want to share our insight about the latest trends, fads, and fan favorites from the event. We toured each of the six custom-built homes presented at this year’s show and saw things we expected, loved, and were pleasantly surprised by. Here’s a recap of our…

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Finding Success with Modern Prairie Elevations

When Midwest builders wanted to introduce an updated look to their portfolios, they found success with the clean, minimalist look of the modern prairie style. Buyers have immediately gravitated to the contemporary feel, which commonly includes low-pitched hip roofs, horizontal window elements, and earth-toned colors and accents. The result is an eye-catching elevation that feels…

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