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Small Changes in Housing That Make a Big Impact

We know that housing design doesn’t change overnight. It does, however, need to constantly evolve to keep up with the latest trends and what homebuyers desire. So how do we create this happy medium? Small Changes = BIG Impact. Even the smallest adjustments to a floor plan design can tremendously affect demand. We’re seeing these…

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Making Modern Work in Market Housing Design

When a developer, builder and architect all share a gut feeling that the Midwest market is “ready for modern”, it’s worth noting. This conversation at a recent client meeting in our Des Moines, IA, office wasn’t driven by analysis of buyer profiles or highly specified market research. Instead, the lack of variety of available new…

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Designs that Appeal to Baby Boomers & Millennials

Our last blog post highlighted some of the key differences in the housing preferences of Boomers and Millennials. By understanding these differences, we can create flexible floor plans that will appeal to both generations. DESIGN FEATURES FOR BOTH GENERATIONS SMALLER HOMES Boomers are at the age where they may be ready to downsize, or maybe…

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Boomers vs. Millennials: What’s the Difference?

Each new generation seems so different from the last. Baby Boomers differ from Millennials, and Millennials will differ from Generation Alpha. These differences manifest in a variety of priorities and preferences, especially in regard to housing. THE STATS Even though 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 every day, they aren’t settling in to stay where they…

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What Inspires You: Doug Wirth

“For me, design is not something that is intellectual; it’s much more of a spontaneous act.” I never think of myself as being particularly inspired… certainly not by any specific influences. My approach to design is mostly just to “Let It Happen”. Every project has at least some parameters (style, scope, type, scale) laid out…

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5 Trends to Ace Student Housing Amenities

“Intentional design should be focused through the belief that space is inextricably tied to use, place, and social custom.” – Mark Mitchell On February 13th and 14th, professionals in the student housing industry came together for NAA’s Campus Connex event covering student housing amenity trends. The event included a panel of four people: Chris Coleman…

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What Inspires You: Michael Crocker

I’m influenced by both past and present residential architectural design. It’s inspiring to go down the street of an established older neighborhood bursting with diverse architectural styles. There’s a reason they still feel good today. It’s also stirring to study modern high design homes with the latest design trends and technologies. I’m amazed at the…

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What Inspires You: Andy Penrose

Although I’ve learned through the years about the major architects and their individual styles, I find my inspiration to be less human derived and more compositional, natural and organic. Since my major field of study was art and not an architecture, my sources of inspiration might be somewhat different than most Designers. As an artist…

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International Builders’ Show Recap

We recently welcomed Steve Krob, our Market Development Director to our headquarters in Des Moines, IA. Within his first couple of weeks, he was busy at NAHB’s International Builders’ Show in Orlando making connections and soaking in all IBS has to offer. Being his first time attending IBS, he gave us a recap on his…

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