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Meet Our Tampa Team!

Since 1988, our staff in Florida has perfected the balance between design, service, and client profitability. Some new faces have joined industry veterans in our Tampa office, and the team is refocused on bringing elite design expertise to Florida builders and developers. Meet our team in Tampa! DAVID L. COPENHAVER, AIA Partner dcopenhaver@bsbdesign.com Since joining…

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What Inspires You: Ed Binkley

“Perhaps my biggest inspiration, as an architect/designer, comes from my ears, eyes and experiences. I listen, read, look at photos, explore and have collaborated with many creatives through the years.” I seek the opportunity to design places where people choose to go…to live…to love…to celebrate…and to also, unfortunately, grieve. A person’s home contributes greatly to…

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What Inspires You: Mark Mitchell

There are many experiences along the way that has made the difference. Though these impactful moments may have been fleeting or elongated, it is a thirst for connection to the people, time and space around me that drives my inspiration. It also tends to frequently make me late and keeps me perpetually seeking out a…

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What Inspires You: Doug Wirth

“For me, design is not something that is intellectual; it’s much more of a spontaneous act.” I never think of myself as being particularly inspired… certainly not by any specific influences. My approach to design is mostly just to “Let It Happen”. Every project has at least some parameters (style, scope, type, scale) laid out…

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A Home That Responds: Thinking Home Challenge

At BSB Design, we encourage our staff to put on their innovative thinking caps at every opportunity. In 2016, we held our first design competition challenging employees to create a unique and collaborative design for our Innovation Lab located at our corporate headquarters in Des Moines. This past August, a new design challenge was announced –…

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BSB Academy Participants are Announced!

BSB Design employees that will be participating in the first BSB Academy Tier 2: Boot Camp program were announced in February. The new program was introduced at the end of January and immediately started accepting applications from interested participants. Dan Swift, President of BSB Design, acknowledged and congratulated all 38 employees for completing and submitting…

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What Inspires You: Lothain Sadao

My instructor once said, “If you’re going into architecture just to do the same thing, stop, don’t waste your time. There are a lot of architects out there doing the same thing over and over again. To be an architect, you have to make a difference and have something unique to offer.” Every time I…

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What Inspires You: Michael Crocker

I’m influenced by both past and present residential architectural design. It’s inspiring to go down the street of an established older neighborhood bursting with diverse architectural styles. There’s a reason they still feel good today. It’s also stirring to study modern high design homes with the latest design trends and technologies. I’m amazed at the…

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