Orange County, CA


We are looking for an individual to serve as the resource for the business development and promotional efforts in a specific market area. Someone who can provide leadership and guidance to office marketing efforts. This person would also coordinate marketing efforts with Marketing staff.


This individual will:

  • Respond to inquiries regarding new work and potential clients with correspondence, folios, in person presentations and follows up with proposals as required.
  • Secure new work to help ensure a consistent workload and cash flow.
  • Manage presentation efforts to obtain new clients.
  • Represent BSB as Business Development Director to potential clients.
  • Implement a marketing budget and strategy.
  • Establish a network of associated professionals to obtain references for future work.
  • Maintain relationships with building industry, publications and associations.
  • Review with Marketing staff the worthiness of commercially photographed projects that have been built.
  • Coordinate direct mail programs to make clients and potential clients aware of our services.
  • Assist and participate in speech opportunities.
  • Review corporate award strategy, in conjunction with Marketing staff, for entering awards programs and producing awards packages for submission.
  • Assume project management responsibilities as required.
  • Oversee maintenance of existing marketing files and documents new projects as they occur.
  • Train project managers on sales and presentation skills.
  • Attend seminars, workshops, meetings, etc. to maintain professional standards.
  • Focus on “continuing education” to stay in the front of our industry and position our company as a leader.
  • Requires ongoing research, investigation, etc. to stay on top of the national design trends.
  • Support and uphold company policies and procedures, as a member of management, both internally and in matters outside the company.
  • Assist with the management and direction of the office. Works with other directors, partners and managers, to keep office working and to develop and establish new ideas and procedures.

Qualifications include:

  • Must be versatile to work well in both a team environment and independently
  • Ability to organize and prioritize all work to meet specific deadlines with minimal supervision
  • Strong understanding and visualization of projects from conception through completion
  • Individuals with a passion for architecture and the drive to advance professionally