Intern Architect/Architectural Associate

Dallas, TX


We are looking for skilled individuals to assist our Project Managers by quickly and efficiently producing quality construction documents. You will use BSB’s custom AutoCAD and/or Revit systems to transform initial schematic design into working documents.


These individuals will:

  • Use their AutoCAD and/or Revit skills and manual processes to produce construction documents
  • Produce accurate finished documents following limited verbal and written directions from Job Captain or Project Manager throughout the design process
  • Draft specification changes as needed
  • Proofread their own work
  • Generate architectural plans and graphics

Qualifications include:

  • AutoCAD and/or Revit  experience
  • Associate’s degree in Drafting and/or Design
  • Knowledge of commonly-used architectural concepts, practices, and procedures
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks and meet deadlines
  • Design, graphic and related computer skills a plus
  • Experience in architecture and/or construction preferred