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ULI 2017 Urban Ideas Competition Greenfield ste

BSB Design’s ‘Zoetic’ Wins Urban Ideas Competition at ULI Carolinas’ Meeting

ULI Carolinas Meeting Urban Ideas competition judgesOn March 24, 2017, BSB Design’s Team ‘Zoetic’ presented their vision, and ultimately the winning proposal, for the redevelopment of a 45-acre site near UNC Charlotte before a distinguished jury panel during the 2017 ULI Carolinas’ Meeting.

As part of their 2017 Carolinas’ Meeting, the Urban Land Institute (ULI) Carolinas (Charlotte, South Carolina, and Triangle) invited multidisciplinary teams to compete in the ‘Urban Ideas Competition.’ Prior to the annual conference, three honorable mentions and two finalists were selected.

The Urban Ideas Competition

Each team, made up of architects, landscape architects, designers, planners, artists, students, and members of the real estate development community from around the Carolinas, were asked to submit visionary proposals for redevelopment of the pre-selected greenfield site in the University City area of Charlotte.

As Finalists, Team ‘Zoetic’ (BSB Design and Lincoln Property Company) and Team ‘Return to Nature’ (Gensler and LandDesign) presented their visions during the General Session at the ULI 2017 Carolinas’ Meeting. BSB Design’s ‘Team Zoetic’ won.  Download ULI Triangle press release.

“We are indeed proud of BSB Design’s outstanding, innovative design work and Team Zoetic’s accomplishment winning the Urban Ideas Competition.” – Dan Swift, BSB Design Chairman-President, CEO.

The Urban Ideas Challenge

Once a declining edge city dominated by suburban development patterns centered on UNC Charlotte, the delivery of the LYNX Blue Line Extension is bringing new investment to the University City area in anticipation of its opening in the third quarter of 2017.

The greenfield site faces some constraints but offers significant transit-oriented development opportunities. UNC-Charlotte is located two miles north and Uptown Charlotte is just six miles south – both are connected to the transit line.

The goal of the competition was to surface innovative ideas and practical solutions in design and development that can positively impact the impending transformation of the community and its built environment.

The Greenfield Site

Charlotte ULI greenfield site Urban competitionThe nearly 45-acre site is on the LYNX Blue Line Extension currently under construction in University City.

The greenfield site is bordered by North Tryon Street across from the University City Boulevard Station which includes a 1,200-space parking deck featuring 7,000 square feet of ground floor retail.


ULI Urban Ideas Zoetic Living City“Walkability, green living, community, connecting — these were all themes that surfaced during the ULI Carolinas‘ first Urban Ideas Competition,’ reported DevelopCLT. And all of these elements were embodied in the winning solution.

In designing Zoetic, or their ‘Living City,’ the team harnessed the inherent power of walkability, green living, community, and food culture of Charlotte.

The concept for Zoetic is to create a sustainable living neighborhood that integrates the natural environment, a vibrant street life, homes for a diverse cross-section of residents, and a sustainable future. – Team Zoetic

By developing a center of gravity within a neighborhood focused on sustainability, urban experience, and Zero Net Energy living the team was equally able to align the organic movements trending among both the baby boomers and the millennials.

Winning Storyboard and Team Presentation created by Lindy Vorrie, BSB Design.

ULI Carolinas Meeting Team Zoetic

Team Zoetic Team Presented with Winner’s $1,500 Award

The Zoetic Team

  • Joe Maschek – BSB Design Inc
  • Doug Wirth – BSB Design Inc
  • Elizabeth Kandle – BSB Design Inc
  • Todd Meckley – BSB Design Inc
  • Duncan Slidell – Lincoln Property Company
  • Thomas Dinneny – BSB Design Inc
  • Jeremy White – BSB Design Inc

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