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Cover Photo: Rob Marish at Keystone

BSB Design Dallas Organizes Walk, Raises $4,500 for An Abod Safe Birthing Center

Learning about the enthusiastic response to the Birthing Center Abōd Shelters® built in Tanzania in January 2017, and the overwhelming need, our BSB Design Dallas office organized and committed to walking with the goal of raising funds to help build more.

Michelle Rothfus, BSB Design Trainer and Project Coordinator Abod Shelters“When an Abōd® was built to be used as a Birthing Center in rural Tanzania in January, we really had no idea how it would be received. But when 30 pregnant women from the nearby villages showed up for a tour during the ribbon cutting ceremony, we knew we provided the right solution that was long overdue.” – Michelle Rothfus, BSB Design Trainer and Project Coordinator Abōd Shelters®

Abōd Shelters® birthing center

Abōd Shelters® Birthing Center

Building one Birthing Center and providing education to the local midwives will make an ongoing and lasting impact in this community. But many more Birthing Centers are desperately needed throughout the country.

UNICEF – Tanzania reports that “Close to 8000 women die every year during pregnancy and child birth as a result of conditions that could have been prevented or treated.”

When companies allow employees the opportunity to get involved great things happen!

On Friday, March 24, 2017, Seven BSB Design employees were out at different hours: One started walking at midnight on his own and the others started at six o’clock A.M. together – walking for a combined total of 120 miles and raising more than $4,500, for Abōd Shelters® and future birthing center projects!

Why did they decide to get involved? They believed…

  • That when there is a solution to saving lives, it should be accessible.
  • That every mother in a developing country has the right to the same skilled care before, during and after childbirth as a mother in a developed country.
  • That they could make a bigger impact together than separately.
Dave and Beth Copenhaver 2016

Dave Copenhaver and his late wife, Beth.

When Dave Copenhaver, Partner and Architect at BSB Design, Inc. in Dallas, TX, learned about the impact one Abōd Shelter® Birthing Center could make on the mortality rate of women giving birth he volunteered to have a fundraiser so that more Birthing Centers could be provided. Dave committed to raising money in memory of his wife, Beth, who passed away in late 2016. View Dave’s personal RallyUp campaign page.

Chad Riney, BSB Design Production Director

Chad Riney, an outdoor enthusiast, suggested having an office Walk-a-Thon in Support of Abōd Shelters®.

Chad Riney, Production Director with BSB Design, Inc. in Dallas, TX with Dave, suggested having an office Walk-a-Thon in Support of Abōd Shelters®. There are many benefits to walking from improving circulation, weight loss to strengthening muscles and improving sleep. So choosing this campaign activity is a win-win for everyone involved. View Chad’s personal RallyUp campaign page.

The BSB Design Dallas Team Proved Everyone Has the Power to Make a Difference – Even In Just One Day

Five additional employees from the BSB Design Dallas office joined in the walking campaign:

BSB Design Dallas Team

Kevin Bauer, Mike Penrose, Oscar Chavez, Andy Penrose, Nick Blount

Kevin Bauer, Senior Draftsperson / View Kevin’s personal RallyUp campaign page.
Mike Penrose, Senior Designer / View Mike’s personal RallyUp campaign page.
Oscar Chavez, Senior Draftsperson / View Oscar’s personal RallyUp campaign page here. 
Andy Penrose, Designer / View Andy’s personal RallyUp campaign page.
Nick Blount, Job Captain / View Nick’s personal RallyUp campaign page.

When companies allow employees the opportunity to get involved great things happen!

When companies allow employees the opportunity to get involved and support them in charitable giving to great causes, such as we did in building the RallyUp site for this Walk-a-Thon, and allowing them the time to participate… not only does the non-profit benefit, but the employee feels good about their company as well.

It takes just one person to make a difference. Interested in doing something similar with your friends, coworkers, club, church group? Reach out to Abōd Shelters® so we can partner and make a difference together!  michelle@abodshelters.com