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BSB Design Announces New Training Program For Staff: BSB Academy

BSB Academy will provide an opportunity for staff at every level to develop and expand their leadership skills.

At the end of January, BSB Design announced to its staff a new leadership training opportunity to begin in March. The training program, BSB Academy, consists of three tiers.

Tier 1 is similar to the training that is currently in place for all new hires, and includes online courses through Red Vector, orientation courses and evaluation over the first three to six months. Tier 2, also known as “Boot Camp,” includes goal setting activities and in-person workshops designed to further hone employees’ leadership and communication skills. Boot Camp is limited to 24 individuals per session, each session lasting 6 months. Finally, Tier 3, or “Emerging Leaders,” includes in-person learning sessions, mentoring by current BSB Design leaders, and evaluation of leadership capabilities over a 2-3 year period.

BSB Design encourages staff engagement and professional development to continue the firm’s legacy of growth from within. BSB Academy will benefit our clients as well as our employees. BSB Design staff will have extensive training in communication, leadership, etiquette and all aspects of professional business behavior. BSB Design strongly believes BSB Academy will give employees the personal and professional skills  and resources needed to provide our clients an excellent customer experience every time.