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BSB Academy Participants are Announced!

BSB Design employees that will be participating in the first BSB Academy Tier 2: Boot Camp program were announced in February. The new program was introduced at the end of January and immediately started accepting applications from interested participants. Dan Swift, President of BSB Design, acknowledged and congratulated all 38 employees for completing and submitting their application forms. The new leadership training curriculum is open to all employees who have completed Tier 1: New Hire Orientation. Up to 24 spots are open at one time for the 6-month program. The first Tier 2: Boot Camp began on March 12th.

Congratulations to the first group of 24 employees to participate in BSB Academy Tier 2: Boot Camp!

John Abisch – Charlotte – Project Architect

Emily Boone – Charlotte – Intern Architect

Courtney Burrows – Charlotte – Architect

Don Flick – Charlotte – Office Director

Mark Lane – Charlotte – Director of Production

Jennifer Pack – Chicago – Construction Phase Administrator

Deena Roumeliotis – Chicago – Project Architect

Gary Bennett – Dallas – Project Manager

Chad Riney – Dallas – Production Director

Mike Crocker – Denver – Director of Design

Beau Kellam – Denver – Senior Intern Architect

Ashton Bellah – Des Moines – IT Director

Michelle Rothfus – Des Moines – Training Coordinator

Chris Scheffers – Des Moines – HR Coordinator

Lindy Vorrie – Des Moines – Marketing Assistant/Graphic Designer

Nick Woodward – Des Moines – Senior Draftsperson

Beth Miller – Des Moines – Project Manager

Kevin Ranslow – Des Moines – Project Manager

Wayne Kalbach – Philadelphia – Office Director

Keith Chapple – Phoenix – Senior Draftsperson

Myles Fulton – Phoenix – Graphic Designer

Ben McDonald – Phoenix – Project Manager

Michael Tramontin – Phoenix – Job Captain

Casey Snell – Sacramento – Architect

BSB Design’s business strategy is to build a culture of great leaders. BSB believes it is important to encourage leadership development within the firm and provide opportunities for advancement and ownership succession. BSB Academy was developed to help identify and grow leaders at all levels.

BSB Academy was developed into 3 Tiers:

Tier 1: New Hire Orientation provides all new employees with fundamental on-boarding requirements when they first arrive. This level is required and is a 3 to 6-month process.

Tier 2: Boot Camp program is not required but is open to any full-time employee interested in personal self-development and soft skills with a heavy emphasis on leadership and communication. The 6-month program has participants working closely in small online teams and participating in several live training workshops as a group.

Tier 3: Emerging Leaders is a two-year program for BSB employees interested in leadership positions. In addition to having the support of their office leadership, interested employees have other prerequisites to meet before applying for this intensive training program.

Developing employees into great leaders is an investment for both our employees and the future of BSB Design. Our internal Academy will prepare BSB for a prosperous future while grooming future leaders, increasing employee engagement and helping to sustain our values and culture.