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Enticing Buyers with Transitional Design

Many first-time buyers and young families are waiting longer to purchase homes than previous generations did. When they finally decide to buy, some projects naturally captivate their interest, especially when they offer distinctive design, functional lifestyle layouts and compelling price points. Piquing that initial interest starts at the street. Not all younger buyers want modern,…

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Charlotte Multifamily Market Review

Last month, we attended the Bisnow “Charlotte Multifamily Boom!” to network, gather new ideas and share some of our own opinions and expertise. Several hundred industry professionals turned out, and in just a few short hours, they heard tons of great information. Our own Mark Mitchell, Director of Commercial & Hospitality Design, was part of…

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Our Vegas Trifecta – Part 2

A couple weeks ago, we shared some design takeaways from the International Builder’s Show. Below, two more BSB Design industry veterans share some insight from their time in Las Vegas. Brad Sonnenburg, Partner – Phoenix This year’s show provided a nice recap of some concepts and trends that have been discussed at IBS for the…

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Great Design Starts With Parking

Parking is not the most glamorous part of a design – but it’s one of the most important pieces for success. It’s one of the first steps to maximizing the density of the building and requires hours of planning and research before you even begin the design of the building or community itself. Not only…

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