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Archive: December, 2017

Introducing Volume 7 of Inspire Magazine!

We are excited to announce the release of Volume 7 of BSB Design’s Inspire magazine – including an interactive digital version! The digital format we tested last year was very well received and this year it’s even more robust. For 2017 we’ve showcased more projects and more bonus content to inspire you in both the…

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Winter-Appropriate Clothing For Outdoor Jobs

If you work outside year-round, you might not look forward to the wintertime. In many states, it’s below zero and snowy, making getting out of your bed in the early morning even more dreadful. Wearing warm attire will make it much easier to rise and shine knowing you’ll stay toasty warm all day. Not only…

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Not Your Average Clubhouse

When it comes to clubhouses, there are many different approaches to their design. Whether an independent building within a community, an integrated space in a building or a sprawling design overlooking a golf course – BSB Design does them all. With each clubhouse we design, we strive to create a space where people want to spend…

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Infill Sensitivities

Infill projects can present a huge challenge, especially if the new structure or community must blend in with historically significant or iconic surroundings. The goal is not to replicate, but to create something totally different that won’t be offensive to the existing residents and surroundings. The many challenges that arise from an infill project are…

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